your favourite Long Eaton Sofa

Re-upholstery of your favourite Long Eaton Sofa

After 30 years of supplying customers with our sofas and chairs, re-upholstery is now an important after sales service that we offer. 

How it Works

Call in to our showroom to ask for a quotation and choose a fabric or leather from our enormous collection which covers virtually every fabric brand or leather. Ask to look at our competitive house fabric collection and the latest Ultimate hard wearing and stain resistant fabrics.

We will give you the most competitive quotation for re-upholstery which will include collection of your sofa and or chairs, examination of the frame and spring construction, replacement of any worn parts. Complete reupholstery in your chosen fabrics and replacement of seat and back cushions if necessary. After re-upholstery by us your sofa and chair will once again be covered by the same long term guarantee as our new furniture.

Do not trust anyone else to re-upholster your favourite sofa or chair. Unlike us they do not have the frame patterns, the spring specifications and importantly the cutting patterns for the furniture. They are unlikely to be as competitive as we will be because they do not have the patterns and if they are it is probably because they will cut corners to do so. 

Please do not become one of our customers who have been disappointed by the quality of re-upholstery elsewhere.

Please note we only re-upholster sofas and chairs that we originally manufactured. Re-upholstery of pieces for which you have no frame or cutting patterns, cushion interior and detailed upholstery specifications is cost prohibitive and time consuming. If you are considering re-upholstery of a sofa or chair not manufactured by us, you will, probably be able to purchase a new sofa or chair from us with our 30 year construction guarantees at much less than having it re-upholstered.

Not convinced? Get a quote for one of our top quality sofas and then get a quote for re-upholstery of your existing sofa by a re-upholstery company. 

Inside the factory of Long Eaton Sofas

See for yourself how much love and attention we put into manufacturing our furniture. This same attention to detail and quality is given to our re-upholstery work.